ALEX, BEN, JAMES, MILES, ALI Adelaide, Australia Artist’s social networks & other links:      Adelaide. There’s no time to wallow in the mire. If you do you’re just gonna get sucked away. Sucked up north through the city’s decaying fringe, past the closed Mitsubishi plant, past Snowtown, past Port Augusta and into the dry... Continue Reading →

Chiara La Woo

Glen Shepherd, Waylen Ramsey, Tom Redden, Jack Redden Adelaide, South Australia Artist’s social networks & other links:          Chiara La Woo: whack reggae, psych-rock & funky snail trails into the Nutri-Bullet to deliver all essential nutrients. Indie-rock reggae band Chiara La Woo have hit the ground running since their inception in late 2015. Forming in... Continue Reading →

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