Adelaide, Australia

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FACEBOOK_SYMBOL_TEANSPARENT_002Adelaide. There’s no time to wallow in the mire.

If you do you’re just gonna get sucked away. Sucked up north through the city’s decaying fringe, past the closed Mitsubishi plant, past Snowtown, past Port Augusta and into the dry red nothingness.

Bad//Dreems know this. That’s why they got together the summer before last, sweating out their hangovers in a warehouse next to the West End Brewery.
Sure the trams stopped here in 1958 (cf. M. Easton 2013), sure venues keep closing, sure the good bands keep leaving for Melbourne and sure, you gotta keep paying the bills. But just have a bloody crack and then keep on chooglin’ (CCR 1967).

Then again, you scratch the surface here and you find another world, far removed from the leafy inner suburbs. From the port with its decaying factories and rusty Chinese tankers to the forgotten northern fringe with its salt plains and dilapidated greenhouses. The empty jail on the edge of the city. A decade long bikie war. The Family. This is the weird murder capital. The weed capital. Badlands.

It is this world, constructed or not, that Ben Marwe (vocals, guitar), Alex Cameron (guitar), James Bartold (bass) and Miles Wilson (drums) attempt to capture. A sound, which draws from the Australian underground of the late 70s and 80s, while also taking cues from US indie outsiders like The Replacements and Wipers. Mundane meets morbid; the humdrum meets the horror; nostalgia meets nightmare. Big dreams meet bad dreams.

Despite the darkness and neuroses that Badlands explores, there remains a stoic optimism. You can’t afford to wallow here. Times might be bad but there’s something better around the corner. The schooner’s still half full.


“Sleeves torn off their shirts, workman boots scuffed and throats sore from warm booze and ripping through their belting choruses. That’s what makes Bad Dreems so good.” – Triple J

“The new Bad//Dreems song ‘Dumb Ideas’ is Aussie pub rock garage at its best. Really good!” Zan Rowe, Triple J

“Dumb Ideas, an electrified, ambivalent, passive-aggressive ‘fuck you’ that immediately inserts itself into the canon alongside Which Way To Go (Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Really In Love (Royal Headache)”. – Rip It Up Magazine

“Continuing to divide audiences with their power garage rock and choice of covers (My Pal), we are firmly in the pro-camp.” –
Andrew Mast, The Music

“We didn’t know much about Bad//Dreems when we walked into Ric’s
Bar but we were big fans by the time we left.” – Channel V

“This band gets a lot of old school Aus rock comparisons, but they’re way more than just conduits for the unearned nostalgia of 20 year olds; they’re one of the strongest bands in the country right now”. – Who The Hell

“all I know is what I hear and I hear goodness.” – 
Weekly Tape Deck

“There are still outsiders in Australia, still parts of the country that escape our attempts to tame it” – Adam Curley, Street Press Australia

“One of our favourite global bands” – Doubtful Sounds

 “He may be yearning for the dark and dreary, but this is just sparkling and excellent pop.” – Mess + Noise

“Their stage presence is so grungey, so sleazy, so badarse and so apathetic; it’s fantastic!” – 4ZZZ

“Bad/Dreems isn’t just another Adelaide band; they represent the melodic, the tough and the spirited of that much-maligned city” – Patrick Emery – The Brag/Beat

“The sunburnt ginger in me loves this record as much as the hipster.” – Soundly Sounds

“I’m going to say it here and now – these guys were the highlight of the first night of BIGSOUND.” – AAA Backstage

“Adelaide’s Bad//Dreems are on the up, and with a huge local following already achieved within the first year”. – Tonedeaf
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Bad//Dreems’ Alex Cameron talks sweaty rock music and Falls Fest


Bad//Dreems have an exciting 2018 ahead of them, and it will all take off with their string of Falls Festival spots across the country over New Years. Music Insight caught up with guitarist of the group, Alex Cameron, to find out more about what is coming up.

Cameron says the South Australian rock n’ rollers are very excited to be a part of the lineup for Falls this year, particularly with the opportunity to play on a lineup with the likes of Vince Staples and Fleet Foxes.

“We are so excited to see Liam Gallagher perform in Australia, and hopefully share a beer with the man, because our mates from DMA’s have said he’s the funniest bloke going around”.

With two albums worth of touring experience across the past four years, Bad // Dreems have been developing and sharing their guitar smashing pub rock enthusiasm around the country.

“We still get the usual nerves when getting on stage but in the festival environment it’s more excitement and there’s less pressure on you when you’re playing a midday set compared to a headline gig on tour” says Cameron, on the preparation for their festival set. Continue reading →

Bad//Dreems on beefcake bogans and the problem with Australia’s young men

(The Guardian)

Guitarist Alex Cameron says aggressive muscle bros are not just the scourge of music festivals but a symptom of something much darker in Australia

Of all the subcultures in Australia to write an ode to, muscle bros are unlikely muses.

You see them at music festivals (typically the EDM kind) with singlets straining against their bulging chests. Squint and they could be Saint Sebastian but for the Southern Cross tattoos inked on their forearms, their breath cranky from too much protein and gone mad by their drugs of choice: steroids and ice. Continue reading →

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