Jirka Nedvídek, Benjamin Daniels


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The Arrogant Twins come from The Czech Republic and England. Their brand of Punk n Roll is compared to the finest whiskey, Smooth, Stylish with a touch of aggression.

Tohle garážové duo vám dokáže, že dobrej rock’n’roll se dá dělat i ve dvou. Arrogant Twins jsou Jirka Nedvídek a Benjamin Daniels. Oba mají za sebou bohatou hudební minulost a když se takhle jednou sešli při jedné probdělé noci, řekli si, že společně založí kapelu, která bude basy prostá a tak se stalo. Pokud máte rádi syrovej garážovej zvuk bez zbytečných kudrlinek, určitě se na ně zajděte podívat.



Zpěvák a bubeník rozpadlé, ale rozhodně ne zapomenuté, mělnické party Anyway přichází s novou kapelou. Dvoučlenný projekt dostal název Arrogant Twins a představuje se písní Bye bye loveContinue reading →

BANDZONE_SYMBOL_002The Arrogant Twins are Jiri Nedvidek (CZ) and Benjamin Daniels (UK). They reside in and run the beautiful city of Prague in the heart of Europe. This two piece Punk n Roll combo may be the new guys on the touring block in this guise but they have a combined history as long as your arm.

Forgoing various bands from the UK and tours of Europe and America the two met almost a decade ago and spent the first 4 years of friendship touring Europe in the Czech cult garage group ‘Anyway’ before going separate ways to tour with Slaves of Stadium Rock and Dirty Blondes respectively.

The decision to play together again came after a heavy night of drinking combined with a hearty desire to ‘Fuck all bass players and their pain in the ass ways’

ARROGANT TWINS_COVERAnd so the Arrogant Twins were born. The pair are taking a new approach to the group which has a heavy focus on videos and interaction and building a team of characters around who expand the world of the Twins to bigger and more elaborate scenarios. They have an ongoing gangster storyline for their music videos and concert invitation videos which will continue to expand into the future.

So although it is early days for Arrogant Twins, the future is very bright. Their online and live success so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading →

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