Last Days of Lorca

Pete Lambrou, Tim Walters, Anthony Way, David Smith, Chris Woolison

Brighton, UK

Artist’s social networks & other links:

FACEBOOK_BLACK_001“Last Days of Lorca do their thing, creating a jagged racket not far off At The Drive-In topped off with Matt Bellamy vocals, and it’s an affecting blend.”

KKKK Kerrang

“Floods of jagged guitars set off like an emergency alarm while a sense of urgency persists throughout their records”

‘How to Make it in Music’ guide ones to watch

“Tired of hearing yet another boring indie band, but still seeking the cathartic guitar-based release your oh-so sensitive soul requires? Try some “Post-Indie”. These guitars buzz and twang, reach epic crescendos, then return to pensive silence, all backed up by mathematically precise rhythms. Add one front man with an evidently vehement dislike of the military-industrial complex and a Matt Bellamy’esque angst ridden wail, and all is all it’s a recipe for alt rock success. Just don’t expect too many between song wisecracks”

Brighton Source


Kalysses Patchwork_SYMBOL_002

Kalysse’s Patchwork #001

(Laure SZY blog)






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